Enigma Cliff Villas
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Dive into the beautiful nature with a flight in a drone above the beatuful side river of agung
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See the impressive sourrounding of a land on the cliff 6 km south of Ubud now with 5 Villas off-plan for sale.
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The first villa is already in the building phase
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  1. Leveled Rooms
    Bathroom > Bed > Desk > Terrace are leveled out. from everywhere in your bedroom you can expect a superb view to the lush green valley
  2. Bathroom with Daylight
    All bathrooms feature a beautiful overhead daylight to let the space appear bigger and lighter. The roof will be covered with wood battens which will throw a nice shadow into the bathroom interior.
  3. Privacy
    Bed- and bathroom are separated with a glass wall to allow view to the valley. Still Curtain blinds allow full privacy between the bed- and the bathroom. Those can be opened and closed as per your wish.
  4. Your own PrivateTerrace
    Each bedroom features your own private terrace, apart from the common terrace. This terrace has build in outdoor sitting arrangement with an outdoor bathtub. Still enough space for a massage table to enjoy relaxation in privacy.
  5. Maid-, Guest-, Storage Room
    Each Villa features a separate room with attached bathroom for either your living in helper, for your dear guest or simply as a spacious storage. The entrance towards the Entry Yard gives full privacy to the parties
  6. Entry Yard
    For to cooler evening away from the sun each villa has a cozy Entrance Yard with a sitting arrangement to tug yourselve away from the rest of the Villa
  1. In House Greenery
    Enigma Cliff Villas will each feature a sculpturesque tree in the middle of the bathroom under the daylight roof. This will create an outdoor bathroom feeling which is so popular in bali. still the bugs stay outside as it will be enTIERLY closed
  2. Hotel Service
    Each Villa has the option to have a full hotel like service from room cleaning until catering. This is a optional add on.
  3. Car Park
    Each Villa will have one dedicated car park with possibility to also park motorbikes.
  4. Safe
    Each room will have a laptop size personal safe. to store your belongings.
  5. River Access
    Each Villa will have full river access. The River area will feature quiet meditation plattforms to sit and relax or socialize with your friends with a cozy bond fire.
  6. Letterbox & Doorbell
    All Villas will have separate Letter Boxes and doorbells at the main entrance towards the street. This allows full privacy also without staff at attandence.
  1. Utility Room
    Each Villa will have an reasonable sized utility cupboard for tools, accessible for your maintenance stuff such as Gardener and Pool Cleaner. No need to provide key to access the Villas to conduct the services. Monkey steps allows your staff to enter the villa to the garden directly.
  2. View
    The location of the five villas is set in such a way that from each infinity pool your view will not be blocked by the roof of the lower villa.
  3. Working Desk
    Each room has a build in working desk accessible from the bed for the leisure afternoon or from the main floor for the serious work to do. Obviously with all plugs needed close by for your laptop/phone charger.
  4. Build in Cupboards
    All Villas will have sufficient build in cupboards in bedrooms, kitchen cupboards in Living and dining room and Wall niches in the bathroom for shampoo bottles and other amenities. Highlight: All wall nieches will be lit with modern LED lights, bringing a nice ambiance into your Villa
  5. Roof Overhang
    All Roof Overhang are sufficient for avoiding rain at outside walls. In Bali's tropical nature its an important element to keep rainwater away from the building structure
  6. CCTV
    The turnkey villas will feature pre- installed Video Cameras. Therewith you will be able to observe your property on your mobile phone anywhere 24h.