2 Storey

The most exlusive Villa on the Land. Lower floor with a full 2 Bedroom Villa and Top floor for your Dreams. Full privacy by separation into two levels

Work and Live - your imagination is the limit

2 or 4 Bedroom Pool Villas  on two floors  where, the upper floor  can also be used flexible for your business dreams be it a Yoga Retreat, your ACCOUNTING FIRM, a Co-working Space, a Wellness retreat, a Fitness Studio, your imagination is the limit or SIMPLY ADD additional bedrooms and Turn it to a 4 bedroom villa.

Seperate Access for upper floor

The upper floor which you can turn into your office space can be accessed trough the reception without entering the private lover level of the building. your customer would get the access trough the reception via steps up to the rooftop lounge into the upper floor. 

Bridge Villa    (Type B)

Two seperate Buildings Connected with a Bridge

Type B is a two Bedroom Villa on one floor with two separate buildings, each  having its own living space and private pool connected trough a bridge. Both Villas can be used for one family or for 2 families.

Rent one out, stay in the other

This is our prefect rental income. Both building have full facility of Kitchen / Dining and Pool.. This is a great return on invest opportunity.

A own house for your kids

Stay on one side and let your kids stay on the other side. Without hassel enjoy the beauty of bali day in day out.

Cliff Villa     (Type C)

Cliff View unblocked

This is most likley one of the most beautiful locations of your private home around the Ubud area. Not many locations can feature a direct Cliff Villa in a astonishing surrounding.

Direct Access to the Cliff

With this faremost Cliff Front Villa neve ever somebody can block your view. Guranteed Cliff Front view forever. With direct access to the River cliff where further meditation plattforms avaiting tranquil moments.

Beach Style Infinity Swimmingpool

This swimmingpool with 2 separations invites for your extensive swimm in the morning and for your leisure coktail in the evening in the beach style swimmingpool.


This common facilities create at atmosphere of upmost convenience. Shared security guards, common kitchen and many ore freatures
  • common Reception
  • commonGuardhouse 
  • common Kitchen, to prepare delicious food for all Villas resident and guest but also to serve walk'ins who want to enjoy the breathtaking view on the Roof Top Lounge
  • common Roof Top Lounge for our resident and guest
  • per Villa one Car Park
  • Per Villa 1-2 scooter parking
  • Three Staff Accommodation, for all Villas 
  • Storage, for all Villas 
  • CCTV Surveillance for common area. 
  • Excusive CCTV Surveillance for your private home accessible on your mobile
  • Letterbox and doorbell for all Villas
  • common Cliff & River Access with resting platforms which can serve as your personal massage hideout next to the river or your own personal art ‘room’ with lots of inspiration